Supporting the trust

It is thanks to the magnificent support enjoyed that the Trust has been able to develop the Awards programme, now aiming to benefit many more students than Trustees initially envisaged. Toby,the Trustees and Gillian’s parents, Jim and Elizabeth, and her sister, Hazel, thank all those who have been inspired to help create this fruitful response to the memory of Gillian.

The Trust bank account opened with spontaneous donations given at the memorial service in Dunblane Cathedral in February 2004. Support continues to arrive in many varied and imaginative ways, all initiated by the contributors themselves:

  • single donations
  • standing orders
  • sponsored marathon runs and walks in the park in the name of the Trust
  • fundraising gigs and DJ sets held at Glasgow School of Art and Oran Mor Glasgow
  • coffee mornings in Glasgow and Dunblane – also a vehicle for the gathering of friends
  • fundraising piano recitals and pub gigs in London
  • donations to the Trust in lieu of gifts - such as friends promoted for their wedding
  • donations in lieu of Christmas cards
  • reviewer's fee for an exhibition
  • pieces of work - how these will benefit the Trust will be announced in due course
  • proceeds of sale of painting of Gillian's tree imagined
  • large collections of spare coins
  • grant for development of website
  • prize draws