Supporting the trust (ctd.)

In-kind support has come in the form of:

  • auditors
  • initial website design
  • graphic design and layout
  • printing - card and brochure
  • postage for the launch mailing
  • performers and DJs at fundraising events
  • event venues
  • press and media promotion
  • administrative support
  • voluntary help of many kinds

The Gift Aid Scheme has boosted most donations of cash by 28% by allowing the Trust to reclaim tax. See: Donating.

THANK YOU ALL. We hope you take pleasure and comfort in remembering Gillian in this way which is translating into positive results through the creative talent of many students now and into the future. The Trust will continue to keep donors informed.

If you would like more details on donating to the Trust, visit the donating section or if you would like to contribute to the Trust in some other way contact the Secretary and Treasurer.