Winners of Gillian Purvis Awards

The Gillian Purvis Award

To a fourth year student in the Department of Fashion & Textiles, of the School of Design at The Glasgow School of Art.

2005 Scott Ramsay Kyle
2006 Catherine Aitken
2007 Lynsey Park
2008 Hillary Fry
2009 Charlotte Horsley
2010 Eva Joly
2011 Angela Porchetta
2012 Joanna Faulkner
2013 Sophie White

2014 Catherine McGruer, knit

2015 Amy Bond, weave

2016 Roseanna Noon, embroidery 

The Gillian Purvis Award for travel for primary research

To a third year student in the Department of Fashion & Textiles, Glasgow School of Art to enable travelling for research purposes.

2006 Holly Rothwell
2007 Jennifer Groundwater
2008 Ian Porter
2009 Emma Shannon
2010 Ting Ye
2011 Israel Parra-Zanabria
2012 Sahrish Shafiq
2013 Ailis Dewar, Iceland

2014 Christopher Barton, Berlin

2015 Rachel Northedge, Denmark

2016 Jessica Butler, London & Barcelona

The Gillian Purvis award for new writing

To a student of creative writing at The University of Glasgow, The University of Strathclyde or The Glasgow School of Art.

2008 Fiona Rintoul The University of Glasgow
2009 Kirsty Logan The University of Glasgow
2010 Linda Maclaughlin The University of Glasgow
2011  Philip Murnin The University of Glasgow
2012 Bryony Stocker The University of Strathclyde

2013 no award was made

2014 Defne Cizakca, The University of Glasgow

2015 Mary McDonough, The University of Strathclyde

2016 Stephen O'Shea, The University of Strathclyde

The Gillian Purvis Degree Show Prize 

To a new graduate of The Glasgow School of Art for an outstanding work in the Degree Show.

2010 Lucy Duncombe Visual Communications
2011 Romany Dear Sculpture & Environmental Art
2012 Min Zhong Textiles - Weaving
2013 Chris Silver Sculpture & Environmental Art

2014 Following the fire in the Mackintosh building of The Glasgow School of Art when Fine Art degree show work was destroyed, the Trust donated to The Phoenix Bursary Fund which supported students in rebuilding their portfolios. 

2015 Thomas  Woods, Fine Art Photography

The Gillian Purvis Travel Bursaries

To 3rd year students in Glasgow Caledonian University departments of Fashion Business and Fashion Branding in support of academic exchanges 

2015 Pinja Salmi, Helsinki Metropolia

2016 Mhairi Galloway, University of Iowa

          Samantha Taylor, Helsinki Metropolia